''We can make money on my own, We don't need a man.''




-Do you have boyfriend?, i made a question.

-I don't need a man, she replyed.

-WHY??, you look so cute.

-haha, she told me that Norweign woman think in this way. ''we can make money on my own, WE DONT NEED A MAN.'' she carry on a conversation. We have very very very strong feeling of INDEPENDENCE!!

I could not find the word to make answer for a little while. and then, If you hear that, I think that you don't know how you reply to her.  

-Equal right for bothe sexes no exist in Japan, I was astonished to hear it. I said.

-HAHAHA, You fitght!!

-HAHAHA, Im MR.OPTIMISTIC. Someday, it would be better!!.